Use Cases

Here you can find some representative Use Cases of the Mabrian's platform utilities. All of them are real cases.

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Barcelona drops in intention of trip among its main markets

Destination Barcelona loses competitiveness among the main European markets in the first quarter of 2018, according to the data analyzed by Mabrian Travel Intelligence platform.

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Smart Islands vs touristic saturation

The sustainable development of tourism, main theme in the World Smart Islands Congress. Last April, the second edition of the Smart World Islands Congress was held in Mallorca (Balearic Islands, Spain), where a total of 100 islands from all over the world met to jointly seek solutions to the new tourism challenges in the present and future.

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Improving hotels’ services, key to compete with AirBnb

The hotel sector has been affected in the last years by the emergence of non-hotel touristic accommodation platforms, lead by AirBnb, that have revolutionised holiday stays’ commercialisation.

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False missile alarm in Hawaii drops tourists’ perception of security

The archipelago’s visitors took 10 days to recover the feeling of security previous to the panic caused by the erroneous message from the emergency center.

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