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About Mabrian

The world's foremost expert in tourism data

Access to 30 global sources and over 400 tourism indicators in a single solution

Reliable and Relevant Sources

We have spent over 10 years identifying and validating the most relevant data sources for the tourism sector

Refined Data

Refined data

We offer filtered, refined, and validated data to ensure coherence and accuracy before use

Cross analysis

We facilitate the overlaying of different data layers to offer the most complete tourism perspective.

Traveller behaviour

Sentiment and interests


Hotels and vacation rentals

Air connectivity

Seats, searches, bookings, etc.

Spending at destination

Credit and debit cards


Presence and overnight stays

Mobile data

Mobility and traveller profile

Tourist sustainability

Economic, environmental, social, and structural


From data to informed answers

Our team of tourism analysts supports the interpretation for data activation

Trust in us

Destinations in more than 40 countries trust in Mabrian’s experience.

Do you have any questions?

Check our frequently asked questions section or contact our team of advisors.

White paper

A roadmap to move destinations away from overtourism