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Mabrian Fullcycle Travel Intelligence

Big data for valuable tourism insights

Mabrian uses innovative technology to gather, aggregate and enhance big volumes of data from multiple sources of information exclusively for the tourism sector. Mabrian then converts that information into valuable insights that help you to improve your decision-making process.

  • Big data technique
  • Multiple sources of relevant information
  • Exclusively focused on the tourism sector
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Artificial intelligence for the tourism sector

The world has more stored data than ever before and no human could ever come close to analysing even a small fraction of what we produce every day. That’s why Mabrian uses artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to boost computational power and automate the extraction of knowledge.


Introducing natural language processing

At Mabrian we use something called ‘natural language processing (NLP) to extract raw and unstructured data from sources such as social media and review platforms to transform it into actionable insights. To do this we draw on machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to take data and segment by sentences, stemming (reducing words down to their origin), grammar labelling and other methods – all the while using special algorithms to exclude irrelevant data (particularly non-tourism related data).

  • Semantic analysis
  • Multiple languages
  • Maximum reliability
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Mabrian Tourism Advisors

Mabrian’s team of tourist advisors help clients detect demand trends to reveal game-changing insights and foster a data-driven culture

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