Tourism Sustainability

Let’s stop TALKING about sustainability and let’s CREATE sustainability.

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Sustainability is a very broad term and at Mabrian – as data scientists and analytics experts – we like to be clear in the use of terminology. For us sustainability is much more than just caring about the environment.

We are very focused on introducing overall sustainability into the tourism sector: long-lasting solutions that take care of both the environment the local communities, all to the benefit of tourists and tourism workers.

Our best example of this was choosing to place our headquarters in Menorca, in Spain’s Balearic Islands. How is that ‘sustainable’? Menorca depends on tourism and has a high level of seasonality, so the workforce is mostly service sector employees with low skills. By contrast we have created many permanent local jobs related to innovation and technology, to bring sustainable incomes and livelihoods to both local and international talent.

Additionally we carefully selected a data storage partner that guarantees the use of 100 percent renewable energy in all its facilities, thus avoiding unnecessary CO2 emissions to fight against climate change.

Do you want to know more about sustainable development goals? Visit the United Nation’s to learn more:

Sustainable Development

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