Big data to measure the tourism
sustainability of destinations

Identify your target

Track, Measure and Compare Tourism Sustainability Performance

The Tourism Sustainability Module analyses data from global sources to measure the impact and sustainability of tourism on destinations worldwide. The cross-analysis of 26 different KPIs which are global in scope and standardised and which come together under 6 broad Tourism Sustainability Indices that are comparable for any destination worldwide.

  • Measure destination sustainability
  • Control sustainability performance over time
  • Compare destination accomplishes with any destination in the world

The global KPIs

The 6 global indicators focus specifically on structural, social and economic aspects related to a destination’s sustainability Through these indices destinations can measure aspects such as the level of distribution of tourism income in the local economy, the concentration of the tourism offering in the locality, the dependence on long-haul source markets, any excessive seasonality or the perception that visitors have about the sustainability of the destination, amongst others

  • Analise tourism impact on the local community wellbeing
  • Get to know how sustainable is perceived your tourism destination
  • Measure destination’s balance on demand segments, products or seasons
The global KPIs

Specific KPIs

The Tourism Sustainability module includes an option to incorporate the client’s own data and indicators thus enabling a cross analysis of both specific and global indicators which the platform offers as a standard. With this in mind, destination managers will be able to include locally relevant data to have a more complete overview of Tourism Sustainability in their destination.

Do you want to know more about sustainable development goals? Visit the United Nation’s to learn more:

  • Incorporate your own sources data
  • Have all relevant information in one place
  • Get a complete overview of Tourism Sustainability