Mabrian Tourism Advisors

Our advisors help clients detect demand trends to reveal game-changing insights and foster a data-driven culture.

Mabrian Fullcycle Travel Intelligence

Define your strategy based on real-time data

Mabrian’s team of tourism advisors works with clients to transform data into tourism intelligence and shape informed decisions when preparing marketing strategies and plans.

  • Translate your data into valuable insights.
  • Foster a data-driven culture in your team
  • Incorporate global tourism knowledge into your strategic decision process.

Experts in travel intelligence

Our team of advisors is able to provide an interesting range of insights with actionable advice because of its industry expertise and focus solely on tourism clients.

  • Highly trained travel intelligence team experienced in data analysis.
  • Experts with a wider background in tourism.
  • Able to provide a global view of the travel industry.
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Turn Big data into actions

The Mabrian team goes beyond just providing data. Clients can rely on Mabrian tourism advisors to run workshops to aid their strategic decision-making process, bridging the gap between data and action.

Mabrian tourism advisors also supports clients in preparing reports to monitor objectives, advising on the most suitable KPIs, or performing a deep dive into a specific issue to answer key questions.

  • Workshops.
  • Personal development training.
  • Insights and bespoke reports.

Covid-19 Recovery Plan

Since the start of the pandemic, historical data has become less relevant. In order to reduce uncertainty and create a solid strategy for recovery, it is fundamental to understand current tourism dynamics based on the analysis of real-time data.

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