Destination Big data market research for
strategic planning and marketing strategies design

Mabrian Fullcycle Travel Intelligence

Turning big data into actionable insights

The big data tool offered by Mabrian offers a complete analysis of a destination along with its competitors. It can also monitor the behavioural patterns of visitors, both in the present and in the future, during the complete travel cycle.

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  • Identify opportunities and threats ahead of time
  • Analyse air connectivity
  • Review key aspects of visitor satisfaction

A 360-degree analysis of a tourism destination

The intelligence that Mabrian supplies allows stakeholders to easily obtain a snapshot of a destination and also helps identify both opportunities and challenges from a tourism marketing point of view such as visitor segments, geographic markets, connectivity, branding and communication, as well as the experience of the traveller.

Detect travel industry trends

The insights based on uptodate data sources allow consultants to make informed professional recommendations in areas such as strategic segmentation, targeting, connectivity, product development, branding, campaign management and more.Mabrian makes it easier to establish key indicators to build a strategy upon, know your starting point, and make sure you are achieving your objectives


Data driven

travel trends

Mabrian Advisors

Mabrian Advisors

Mabrian’s team of tourism advisors helps clients detect demand trends to reveal game-changing insights and foster a data-driven culture.

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