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Real-time data analytic enhancing the identification and measurement of investment risk

Mabrian Fullcycle Travel Intelligence

Smart insights: data-driven decisions

Mabrian’s travel intelligence platform provides a snapshot of key indicators for a tourist destination, both individually or compared to its competitors, such as demand, connectivity, hotel characteristics, tourist profiles and traveller experience whilst in the destination.

  • Understand a destination’s outlook from a global perspective
  • Measure international tourism demand
  • Analyse the evolution of in-destination spend from different source markets
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Reduces investor uncertainty

The platform reduces investor concerns and uncertainty by providing an assessment of a destination’s attractiveness through information which helps project demand and prepare marketing strategies.

  • Undertake an evaluation of a destination
  • Predict future demand
  • Create strategies based on real-time data

Predictive analytics for investment and operations

The use of ‘big data’ allows a competitive analysis of a destination based on factors such as: evolution of demand, flight bookings and air connectivity per source market, prices trends for both flights and hotels, hotel infrastructure and ratings, future and current traveller behaviour patterns, as well as travel motivation and more.

  • Use destination benchmarking for a more objective destination assessment
  • Predict tourism trends
  • Understand the air connectivity of a destination

All data is downloadable both via the platform and an API for your convenience.

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Mabrian Tourism Advisors

Mabrian’s team of tourism advisors works with clients to transform data into tourism intelligence and shape informed decisions when preparing marketing strategies and plans.

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