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Reduce Risks in Key Decision-Making

Get updated contextual information and future projections to reduce uncertainty in investment decisions.

Accurate information. Better decisions

Service tailored to the needs of investors and tourism property managers

Contextualise and compare performance

Analyse trends and metrics of destinations and markets anywhere in the world to contextualise the performance of your investments

Use Cases

Discover some use cases of Tourism Intelligence for investment management

3 hours ago

68% of Barcelona’s short-term rentals are concentrated in the centre of the city

In the light of the recent announcement on the short-term rentals ban announced by Barcelona’s local authorities, we turn into

Latin America and Caribbean
4 days ago

Tourism in Latin America: data intelligence insight on current opportunities and challenges

Latin America is one of the regions with the greatest potential as a tourist destination, which is why Latin American

Latin America and Caribbean
2 weeks ago

Security and connectivity, the edge to diversify travel & tourism in Uruguay

Our data intelligence shows that consolidating Montevideo’s assets as a tourist destination, particularly the perception of security and connectivity, are

Support for data interpretation

Mabrian’s team of tourism data specialists offers continuous support for the identification, extraction, and interpretation of the information required by the client.


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Collaborating with leading international tourism entities allows us to have a deep understanding of the sector’s needs


The rise of Bosnia and Herzegovina travel: Trends and destination opportunities to watch out

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A roadmap to move destinations away from overtourism