Travel demand insights for hotels

Providing valuable information about past and future of tourism environment at the destination.

Mabrian Fullcycle Travel Intelligence

Predictive analytics for hotels

The business intelligence (BI) platform offers valuable information to hotels about both the past and future tourism environment in which their destination is located. All with the objective of predicting demand and anticipating trends to help you design a more efficient hotel marketing strategy.

  • Predictive analysis shows you the evolution of demand for your destination – up to 11 months in advance
  • Identify accommodation insights and upcoming destination trends
  • Increase direct sales and reduce intermediary costs

Optimize revenue management strategy

Your hotel can obtain data that can be incorporated into your revenue management model. Mabrian’s global real-time data on both flight searches and bookings – as well as the evolution of flight connectivity and hotel prices – all support revenue management tools, thus optimizing pricing strategies and maximizing profitability.

  • Complement your revenue management tools and pricing strategy with up-to-data global data and strategic insights
  • Reach potential travelers whilst they’re still deciding where to go by knowing the ‘opportunity window’ for each market.
  • Benchmark flight and accommodation prices for a destination.
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Mabrian Fullcycle Travel Intelligence

Hotel Benchmarking

Gain access to analysis of thousands of traveller hotel reviews to better understand various elements of guest satisfaction as well as to benchmark your hotel’s position against competitors. Mabrian’s platform also allows the incorporation of your hotel’s satisfaction surveys in order to supplement the client profile and brand rating.

  • Measure guest satisfaction with your hotel’s services
  • Contrast your KPI’s with your competitors as a hotel benchmark
  • Understand visitor perception of the destination

The Mabrian platform is a comprehensive and easy-to-use system that flexibly incorporates external surveys and tourism statistics, thus making it the perfect intelligence repository for hoteliers and holiday rental providers.


Full travel-cycle analytical tool

Mabrian monitors the full travel-cycle to find a destination’s most relevant segments, both from a general as well as from a seasonal perspective. This information enables a more efficient marketing approach – by focusing on interests and behavior for searches and bookings – to increase conversion ratios, ROI, direct sales and ultimately revenues.

  • Micro-segment and measure demand
  • Identify the most valuable target travellers based on their in-destination spend
  • Personalize offers to increase

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