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About Mabrian

Improve operational efficiency with better demand forecasting

Gain unique contextual insights for accommodations and destinations that will enhance supply and demand predictions

Revenue Management and Direct Sales

Enrich your sales channel strategy and dynamic pricing by better adapting to the context:

Marketing and Campaigns

Exponentially increase the return on campaigns with better segmentation


Improve projections and budgets by anticipating demand and price trends at the destination

Expansion and Investments

Reduce uncertainty and streamline the investment decision-making process

Satisfaction and Competitiveness

Analyse your competitive position with respect to all accommodations in the destination in terms of price and satisfaction levels


Access information in multiple formats

Integrations (API) - Visual dashboard of indicators - Reports

Use Cases

Discover some use cases of Tourism Intelligence for consultancy projects

5 hours ago

68% of Barcelona’s short-term rentals are concentrated in the centre of the city

In the light of the recent announcement on the short-term rentals ban announced by Barcelona’s local authorities, we turn into

Latin America and Caribbean
4 days ago

Tourism in Latin America: data intelligence insight on current opportunities and challenges

Latin America is one of the regions with the greatest potential as a tourist destination, which is why Latin American

Latin America and Caribbean
2 weeks ago

Security and connectivity, the edge to diversify travel & tourism in Uruguay

Our data intelligence shows that consolidating Montevideo’s assets as a tourist destination, particularly the perception of security and connectivity, are

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