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Easily detect opportunities and threats. The insights you need to make better decisions.

Predict the demand evolution for a destination. Up to 11 months in advance.
Impact the potential clients during their decision period by knowing the "Opportunity Window" for each market. Searches vs bookings times and patterns.
Complement your Revenue Management tools and pricing strategy with updated global data and strategic insights.
Detect new tourist areas of interest (Travel Predictions to identify next trends in travel destinations).
Increase direct sales and reduce intermediary costs.
Identify the most valuable target clients based on their spend patterns at destination.
Micro-segment and measure demand by origin market (country and region), time of the year, age, gender etc.
Measure visitors' perception regarding hotel services, tourist products and the destination in general (security, climate, etc).
Increase the RevPar and the GopPar (Gross Operating Profit per Available Room).
Reduce uncertainty. Obtain more accurate projections and budgets.
Benchmark flight and accommodation prices for a destination.
Enhance a customer-centric strategy. Increase income from complementary services.


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