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Easily detect opportunities and threats. The insights you need to make better decisions.

Identify the tourist products and attractions that drive more interest for each market of origin.
Travel predictions up to 11 months in advance. Anticipate the demand, manage your resources better.
Identify the most valuable target clients based on their spend patterns at destination.
Impact the potential clients during their decision period by knowing the "Opportunity Window" for each market. Searches vs bookings times and patterns.
Micro-segment the market to personalise communication: by origin, age, gender, etc. Multiply the campaign’s ROI.
Measure the satisfaction level through our KPIs: Global Satisfaction Index, Tourist Product Index, Hotel Satisfaction Index, Perceived Security Index and Perceived Climate Index.
Promote a more balanced destination. Balance indexes: seasonality, products and origin markets.
Manage saturation problems at specific locations. Geolocated activity by origins and tourist products.
Compare your destination’s demand vs available air connectivity. Negotiate better with the airlines.
Monitor the environment and your competitors. Benchmarking of main KPIs, and flight and hotel prices.
Integrate your own data sources (surveys and statistics).
Predictive alerts and deviation notices of the main KPIs. Periodical reports.


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