Actionable insights for more efficient and sustainable destination management

The platform’s ‘big data’ gives destination managers access to much needed, real-time travel intelligence to anticipate market trends and design both tourism marketing plans and strategies

Mabrian Fullcycle Travel Intelligence

Travel intelligence: the next step to data-driven decisions

Why is real-time data important?

Working with Mabrian is an important step towards the creation of a tourism observatory that incorporates data into the decision-making process and transforms your destination into a ‘smart destination’ that is both more competitive and sustainable.

  • Real-time tourism observatory
  • Transition to becoming a ‘smart destination
  • Shift to data-driven decisions

Destination benchmarking and performance

Mabrian provides answers to key questions in four main areas of destination management and marketing by using ‘big data’:

  • Demand and targeting
  • Connectivity
  • Branding & Communication
  • Client experience
Travel intelligence insight based on real-time

Not just ‘big data’, but ‘multiple data’, is the key to added-value

The overlapping of transactional and behavioural layers of real-time tourism data creates an incomparable analysis bringing unprecedented insights. This provides all the information that smart destinations need for a truly global understanding of the tourism environment.

  • Smart insights
  • Real-time updates
  • All the information you need in a single place

Full-cycle travel analytical tool

The Mabrian travel intelligence tool analyses behaviour patterns of both current and future travellers, covering all phases of the traveller-cycle.

This includes looking at: flight searches and bookings, air capacity, comparing flight prices and tourist accommodation, visitor profiles according to socio- demographic criteria and interests, spend profiles, satisfaction with the destination and its services, security perception, movement patterns once at the destination, and more.

  • 360-degree analysis
  • Future forecasts
  • Destination benchmark

Identify your target audience to personalise communication

The platform enables managers to better understand traveller characteristics, habits and experiences. This means they can adapt their tourism promotion and marketing plans to increase the quality of the destination’s offer and identify new opportunities from overlooked markets and segments.

The Mabrian platform is a comprehensive and easy-to-use system that flexibly incorporates external surveys and tourism statistics, thus making it the perfect intelligence repository for destinations.

  • Detect opportunities
  • Identify traveller profiles
  • Integrate your own and third-party data
  • Let’s talk

Mabrian Tourism Advisors

Mabrian’s team of tourism advisors works with clients to transform data into tourism intelligence and shape informed decisions when preparing marketing strategies and plans.

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