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Travel intelligence platform

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began historical data has become ever less relevant. Mabrian’s travel intelligence platform offers a series of indicators that provide you with the necessary information for an overview of current and future demand, thus identifying those segments whose interest and potential for visiting your destination are high.

Additionally, it helps you to learn more about visitor behaviour when it comes to trip planning and the main drivers for their visit, thus helping to convert potential demand into confirmed demand.


Demand prediction

You can measure the evolution of potential or ‘inspirational’ demand for your destination by using our flight searches tool. This is updated on a daily basis and tells you which source markets are showing the highest levels of interest towards your destination, what dates they are planning on travelling and how long they plan to stay.

  • Detect potential demand
  • Identify search patterns
  • Take advantage of opportunities
Mabrian Fullcycle Travel Intelligence

Demand analysis

The Mabrian flight bookings tool helps you understand the evolution of confirmed demand, estimating future arrivals with a higher level of certainty and analysing traveller profiles too (solo, couples, families, groups) as well as the nature of their trip (business, weekend break, holiday, long term).

  • Profile future visitors
  • Forecast tourism arrivals
  • Know booking window


The evolution of scheduled seats can be analysed – using Mabrian’s air connectivity tool – to understand your destination’s connectivity from both a global perspective as well as from an origin perspective. This way you can identify if there is latent demand but with a lack in connectivity to reach the destination or, on the contrary, confirm when demand matches supply.

  • Detect unmet demand
  • Measure air accessibility per market
  • Detect changes in flight scheduling
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Mabrian Fullcycle Travel Intelligence

Security perception

Mabrian has a security perception index that allows you to detect how social media users in particular source markets perceive your destination. Thus you are able to detect quickly which markets show higher levels of confidence in your destination and are ready to begin travelling again.

  • Measure the impact of events related to security
  • Detect the travel audiences that are willing to travel
  • Compare destination security perception with the main competitors
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Data-driven decisions

These four main indicators listed above help you to prioritise and focus your efforts solely on the traveller segments that are showing increased interest and potential to visit your destination. Additionally they help you to plan personalised marketing campaigns optimally based on behaviour data for each segment.

  • Analyse demand
  • Detect the most valuable audiences
  • Profile target audiences
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