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About Mabrian

Quality policy

Mabrian Technologies is a specialized company providing Tourism Intelligence services. To achieve this, we combine technological development based on Big Data analysis and Artificial Intelligence techniques with a deep understanding of the tourism industry from our team of advisors. Our foundation is the development of a data analytics platform that offers a real-time holistic observatory of everything that affects a tourist destination. The analysis of data from various sources allows us to identify and predict tourism dynamics.

Mabrian’s platform monitors the spontaneous behavior of visitors to a destination in all phases of their decision-making process. From the inspirational moment of the journey, through the search and price comparison, to booking patterns, behavior, and the analysis of spending and mobility patterns at the destination. The cycle completes its 360 degrees by analyzing the sentiment and satisfaction that users express about their experience on Social Media and various opinion platforms.

Mabrian’s Management has decided to implement a Quality System based on ISO 9001 standards to ensure the improvement of the service provided to its clients based on the fundamental pillars of the Quality of our services, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement of the System. To achieve this, we do not just provide services, but also add value to our clients.

Committed to quality, our pillars are:

  • Quality and its improvement are the responsibility of all members of the organization, starting from top management and including all employees, as well as all interested parties for their knowledge and understanding.
  • We employ good professional practices and ensure the quality of the services performed, always executing them professionally, effectively, and in accordance with the methods established in applicable regulations and current legislation.
  • Quality guides us to pay maximum attention to possible improvements that new methodologies and technologies may offer, incorporating the drive and innovation of emerging data technologies such as Big Data, Cloud, or Machine Learning into our implementations.
  • Ensuring the continuous training of staff with the necessary skills to execute our services, along with the allocation of the necessary and appropriate resources.
  • We believe in constantly evaluating our suppliers in order to prevent risks associated with relationships with third parties. This principle provides us with benefits and competitive advantages, guaranteeing both the continuity of our operations and the quality of our services.
  • Our organization as a social agent seeks to responsibly address the great challenges of the future, supported by an ethical and collective sustainability framework.

This Policy arises from the concern of all of us who make up the company to provide quality services. This commitment is made known to all interested parties.


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