Fast, easy-to-use and reliable

Thanks to our user-friendly interface and the latest technology, Mabrian users can easily access millions of travel data points in a fast and reliable manner. This facilitates data interpretation and allows our customers to save time in their analysis.

The data you need for the decisions you make

We are currently processing and working with the largest variety of data sources in the industry. This allows our customers to get a clear and comprehensive picture of the market dynamics. Some of the data sources we currently use are flight search data, hotel and flight pricing, air bookings, social media data, currency exchange rates and more. All of these at your fingertips.

Unlimited segmentation capabilities

Every single variable that we handle can be crosschecked and filtered to make sure you are able to drilldown into the details as much as you need to identify niche markets and understand their behavior. There are no limits here!

Fullcycle travel analytics

The travel industry is the first industry where from a consumer point of view, 100% of its value chain is recorded in a digital format. Mabrian is the first market intelligence platform tracking the whole travel cycle making it possible to anticipate market trends.

Easily detect opportunities and threats

Thanks to our variety of data sources, you can now easily understand opportunities and threats for any origin market in any destination in the world.