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Joining our company would make your glass ceiling disappear, requiring you to deal with business challenges which haven’t yet been solved in the industry. Each one of them require solutions which might already exist, but also some new ones, allowing you to take part of the decision making process by adding your experience and skills.

We are creating new modules in our platform and also improving the existing ones that need to also be maintained in order to meet the industry standards.

Therefore, a good programmer would help the company and workers in growing all together.

  • Location: Menorca, Spain
  • Job type: Full time


  • ETL tasks and management: The candidate should be able to perform basic Extract Transformation and Loading operations from heterogeneous data sources and datasets. CSV and JSON handling is a must.
  • Data manipulation proficiency: Recognizing patterns, summarizing large amounts of data and using advanced tools will allow and help our consultants and analysts to make better decisions in an independent way.
  • Modern data transfer methods: API Data ingestion, being able to collect data from different APIs and even integrate a new one in our system.
  • Databases: basic SQL skills - ORM experienced programmer.
  • Object oriented programming: strong knowledge and usage of right data structures.
  • Experience coding in mid or distributed teams using a version-control software.
  • All skills run in a Linux environment, so systems skills are a plus.
  • Minimum Frontend skills are mandatory.

We are looking a full stack developer proactive, agile and open minded who will be able to understand non-trivial solutions.


  • 3-5+ years of coding experience.
  • Mabrian Stack: Javascript, Python, Django, Elasticsearch, Celery, Docker. A Deep knowledge of any of this technologies should be required.
  • Github repositories, side projects or Stak Overflow rated profile are really valued.
  • English fluency is a plus.


  • Bachelor equivalent
  • Teamwork
  • Confident with done work
  • Proactivity
  • Software certifications are a plus

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