Travel intelligence insight based on real-time

Mabrian provides answers to key questions in four main areas of destination management and marketing by using big data

Mabrian Fullcycle Travel Intelligence

Demand & targeting

Get to know better your current and future demand, identify the customers who contribute the most to your destination’s strategy and establish priorities to maximise resources:

  • Monitor the evolution of potential demand for each market to determine forecast alignment, up to 11 months in advance
  • Spot new source markets showing interest in travelling to your destination
  • Understand the profile of your future visitors by analyzing those with confirmed demand interest
  • Learn about the preferences and travel habits of each source market and region for your destination
  • Combine different indicators to identify those markets most attractive to your destination and how it can be more competitive
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Airline connectivity

Understand whether the airline connectivity of your destination is a strength or a barrier to growth – whilst having at hand essential data for negotiating with airlines:

  • Identify unmet demand by analyzing the connectivity gap
  • Establish if the evolution of flight prices is impacting your destination’s competitiveness
  • Get ahead-of-the-game by analyzing flight scheduling by origins and airlines up to 11 months in advance
  • Compare your connectivity position with your main competitors
  • Analyse the evolution of your connectivity with a market, specific airport or an airline

Branding & communication

Reach consumers with the right messages at the right moment about what interests them most about your destination to influence their decision-making:

  • Get to know the main drivers for them visiting your destination
  • Determine the best timing for marketing campaigns and maximise impact for both potential and confirmed demand targets
  • Understand the effect of geopolitical events on demand and interest for your destination via social media monitoring and analysis
  • Identify opportunities for repositioning (new products, new segments, etc.)
  • Determine how your destination is different to competitors when looking at what motivates travellers to visit
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Client experience

Identify the value-creators and pain-points of your destination by understanding the perception of your visitors about tourist activities, attractions and services:

  • Understand the varying perceptions of different source markets with respect to key aspects influencing the choice of a destination, such as security or climate
  • Analyse the contribution to satisfaction of the different components of the customer experience in the destination: tourist products, attractions, and accommodation
  • Determine which attributes and service quality visitors are most and least satisfied by in relation to accommodation
  • Identify your strong satisfaction points vs. competitors and the aspects that need to be further improved
  • Assess one aspect your destinations sustainability by examining the movement patterns of visitors through access to mobile telephone data

Mabrian Advisors

Mabrian’s team of tourist advisors help clients detect demand trends to reveal game-changing insights and foster a data-driven culture

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