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Data is not the answer

Last month one of the most important events of the industry took place:World Travel Market Latin America. 

This year’s event—which had the challenge, like many other events currently, of gathering key industry leaders virtually—was particularly tech-oriented, with discussions on the different technologies that countries are using to move forward and ensure ongoing resilience for their destinations and travel service providers.

Carlos Cendra, Marketing & Sales Director at Mabrian Technologies, gave a lecture about the use of technology and data analytics in the tourism sector aimed at globalizing the use of updated information in the tourism sector and decision-making process. 

One of the main insights of his panel was that “Data is not the solution” to face the current challenges in the tourism industry, addressing the sector instead to focus on actionable insights based on real-time data. 

Today’s pandemic context has put on every one’s agenda the need to become agile and resilient in order to face the current crisis, and even exit it in an advantageous position. And the solution lays in the proper use of ‘travel intelligence’, according to Cendra. 

Therefore, it is necessary to help destinations and tourism companies by providing them with global and updated information, based on an analysis of multiple sources of information, to identify current tourism dynamics and try to anticipate the next ones.

Taking the analogy of the art of cooking as an example, wheat is the base ingredient of bread but alone it is almost impossible to eat. But once we grind and treat wheat, we get flour.

But when valuable information is enriched with different sources of data and cross-analyzed using the correct tools and processes, information can become ‘knowledge’. In other words, travel intelligence. Or, following the example of wheat and bread, become the sandwich.

To learn more about Mabrian’s intelligent tourism solutions and review some of their case studies, you can watch here Carlos Cendra’s key session at WTM Latin America from 11th August. 

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