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Thomas Cook’s bankruptcy: 8.6 million seats affected

Worldwide snapshot of Thomas Cook’s bankruptcy: 38 countries and 8.6 million seats affected

Mabrian Technologies offers a detailed analysis of the direct effects on flight seats caused by the tour operator failure, by countries and specific airports.

The sudden failure of the travel company giant has raised alarm bells in the tourism industry worldwide. In fact, 38 countries are affected by the situation, particularly in Europe, and more than 8.6 million flight seats will be cancelled from now until end of  August 2020, according to the last flights programming (for the period 1st September 2019 – 31st August 2020) announced by the company at the beginning of this month.

As a result of this critical situation, here at Mabrian Technologies, we decided to make use of our Travel Intelligence know-how (we monitor tourist dynamics globally by cross-analysing Big Data from multiple sources) in order to elaborate an infographic of these effects, disaggregated by country and specific destination or airport.

By countries, the United Kingdom (4.31 million seats, mostly return flights), Spain (1.23 million seats), Turkey (0.95 million seats), Greece (0.61 million seats), United States (0.33 million seats) and Tunisia (0.17 million seats) will be the most affected.

By destination airports, omitting the inbound seats to UK, the top 10 most affected spots are: Dalaman (Turkey) with 465K seats, Antalya (Turkey) with 405K seats, Tenerife South (Spain) with 329K seats, Hurghada (Egypt) with 225K seats, Lanzarote (Spain) with 215K seats, Palma de Mallorca (Spain) with 212K seats, Hamamet (Tunisia) with 169K seats, Orlando (United States) with 158K seats, Zakinthos (Greece) with 144K seats and Fuerteventura (Spain) with 136K seats.

Thomas Cook Flight seats bankruptcy
Thomas Cook - Mabrian Technologies
Thomas Cook - Mabrian Technologies
Thomas Cook - Mabrian Technologies
Thomas Cook - Mabrian Technologies

Over the next few weeks and taking this information into account, here at Mabrian we will focus on tracking the air connectivity evolution to these destinations to monitor if the gap left by Thomas Cook is covered by other airlines, as well as its effect on overall prices.

This type of event brings to the spotlight the importance of monitoring tourist dynamics in a global way, by using Travel Intelligence tools. This allows, for example, to measure the weight of certain travel companies for the entire tourism sector of a destination, and to have a back-up plan in case something changes. This crisis could have been minimised had some measures been put in place in May, back when Mabrian Technologies already warned about the important consequences Thomas Cook’s potential failure could have for Spain, the most affected country, in our study Thomas Cook: close to 1 million airline seats to Spain at risk.

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