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Impact of the La Palma volcano on the Canary Islands destination.

Following the volcanic eruption of the volcano on the island of La Palma on September 19th, Mabrian Technologies has analyzed how this natural disaster has affected the reputation of the Canary Islands destination.

Reputation is everything for a destination and those with a strong reputation — built up over decades by offering visitors a memorable time — are able to withstand shocks that might devastate other destinations. 
This is clearly the case with the Canary Islands as a whole. Yes the volcanic irruption on La Palma had a short term impact, with the amount of flight searches for the islands falling for a few days. But there appears to be no medium-term impact on the Canary Islands as a whole and the number of programmed flights for later in the year remains stable.

Nonetheless, understandably there has been a significant impact on the island of La Palma itself. For example, within a week of the irruption the number of programmed flights fell by 8.3% and the security perception of the island fell from a very high score of 98.1 points to 89.3 points in just seven days.

Our experience of any climatic or geo-political crisis is that once the underlying problem has been resolved — or more importantly, been seen to be resolved — then all indices that reflect demand begin to show a recovery. Nonetheless, those with a strong reputation recover much more quickly and an island as beautiful as La Palma should recover relatively fast.

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