Violent Protests Damage Perception of Security in France

  • As a result of two bouts of rioting this year, France’s Perception of Security Index dropped two points in March and five points in July, making it the Central European country with the lowest Perception of Security Index.
  • Major cities in France, including Marseille and Lyon, experienced significant declines.
  • The Perception of Security Index decreased by six points in Paris, which will be the host city for the 2024 Olympic Games.

Recent uprisings in France have led to a significant decrease in the Perception of Security Index, dropping five points in just one week. This decrease represents the lowest level since the beginning of 2023.

France has experienced two waves of violent protests since the start of the year, with the Perception of Security Index falling two points during the second half of March as a result of violent incidents related to pension reform demonstrations. Then, during the last week, the new wave of uprisings seriously damaged the security image of the country, dropping five points.. France now ranks as the European country with the lowest Perception of Security Index among its neighbouring countries. It is 7 points behind the Netherlands, 6 points behind Italy, 4 points behind Spain, and 3 points behind the United Kingdom.

The decline of the Perception of Security Index has affected all of France’s main cities. Marseille has lost 47 points in the past week, followed by Lyon with a loss of 19 points and Nice with a loss of 8 points. Even Paris, which is not the city hardest hit by the decline, has experienced a 6-point drop in the Perception of Security Index, which is one point above the national average.

The current situation raises concerns as Paris is scheduled to host the Olympic Games in 2024. The prevalent instability and lack of confidence among travellers could have a significant impact on the event’s success.

“It is very important to understand and monitor the perception of safety that a tourist destination generates among its visitors and potential travellers. This aspect, undoubtedly, is the first consideration for travellers when deciding whether to visit a place or not. In the case of France, the accumulation of different episodes in a short period can significantly impact perception by projecting a continued image of instability. However, it is essential to analyse the perception of security for each market separately, as each case will be different, requiring specific measures to regain trust.”

Carlos Cendra, Partner and Marketing Director at Mabrian

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