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Vienna leads again the touristic perception indexes on New Year

It scores above 95 points in the global touristic perception index and in the touristic product index

Vienna’s New Year, with the New Year concert as maximum venue, has leaded again the touristic indexes developed by Mabrian, from the Big Data generated by the sector. Both scores place the Austrian capital in a privileged place as a touristic destination at Christmas time, with 95,28 and 95,41 points respectively, when all year’s indexes are placed in 88,31 and 82,29.

As it happened during the course of 2016 to 2017, Prague remains in second place in Mabrian’s global index, with 91,45 points. Close to 90 points are placed Rome (89,93) and Madrid (89,50): The Italian capital with a slightly superior touristic product satisfaction index: 79,69 points compared with the 77, 52 points of the Spanish capital. Berlin collected, between December 31 and January 1, 87,09 points on the GTPi, in front of Paris and Barcelona, both with 86,8 points.


Among this data collected and processed by Mabrian, it is worth noting the emergence of seasonal mentions: in Vienna´s case, the most mentioned venue is “concert”, while the most mentioned venue in Madrid is “Puerta del Sol”. Something similar happens in Istanbul (85,18 GTPi; 67,89 PTi), where the Maksim Square, place of celebration of the traditional New Year´s Eve, leads the mentions. On the other hand, the main venues in Paris and Barcelona – “Eiffel Tower and Gaudi- do not change respect to the rest of the year.

Mabrian is the first Business Intelligence platform exclusively focused on the touristic sector, with the target of identify, measure and predict global touristic dynamics to offer real time information that allow to make decisions base don a Deep knowledge of a destination and its competitors.

This is achieved through the massive data collection and analysis (Big Data) of behavior on Networks (RRSS, geolocation, searches, hotel reviews, etc.) and sector transactional data (prices, bookings, air capacity, spend in destination, etc.). All this is presented in a simple platform in cloud that allows a Deep segmentation of the information´s level.

Currently we are working with big touristic destinations both national and international (Junta de Andalucía, Benidorm, Salou, País Vasco. Colombia, Germany, etc.), as well as counting with international reference partners such as Amadeus, Travelport, Mastercard, Phocuswright or MMGY.