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Vienna, the best valued city by its visitors last New Year

The Austrian capital obtained a Mabrian global index of 96,41, ahead of Prague and Paris

The global satisfaction data collected by Mabrian during lasts new year’s celebrations place Vienna as the best valued capital between December 31 2016 and January 1 2017, with a Global Tourist Perception index (GTPi) of 96,41. The Austrian capital is, with Prague, (90,11 points on GTPi), a first order tourist value, as it also reflects the Tourist Product index (TPi), which also exceeds 96 points.

The cultural product – with the famous New Year concert as central venue – leads the bulk of its visitor’s mentions, which give them a rating of 58,44 points. The cultural product also concentrated tourists mentions who celebrated the New Year in Prague, although its assessment was, in this case: 65,14 points.

Behind Vienna and Prague, last New Year’s Eve, came Paris (87,31), Barcelona (86,72) and Madrid (85,22). The cultural product is also, in all three cases, the most mentioned by its visitors, with more that 30% of the mentions. In the case of Paris, nightlife and gastronomy products stand out, as well as the Eiffel Tower as the tourists most mentioned venue.

In regards of Madrid, the products that have the most impact behind the cultural are inscribed, in this order, in the areas of family tourism, nightlife and gastronomy tourism, the Puerta del Sol venue stands out.

As for Barcelona, the tourists’ interest for the product sun and beach stands out, despite being winter, followed by family, nightlife and gastronomy, exceeding all of them the 10% of the mentions.

The Mabrian indexes process tourist Big Data that come from the main transactional data platforms, combined with the opinions expressed by the tourists through conversations generated in networks. All this wealth of information is filtered trough a proprietary algorithm base don artificial intelligence and natural language processing to obtain solid and reliable values.