Uneven and slower recovery of German demand for Mediterranean destinations

As the German outbound market recovers and evolves, travel intelligence provider Mabrian has conducted an analysis of how this is impacting demand for Mediterranean destinations.

Based on the number of air seats available from Germany to Mediterranean destinations as of 28 February for period from 1 March the 30th of June, Turkey and Egypt are the only countries that have increased their air capacity with Germany when compared to the same periods in 2022 and 2019 – with Turkey increasing by almost 20% compared to 2019.

Nonetheless Spain continues to be the number one choice for Germans with more than 5 million air seats programmed for the period, almost exactly the same figure as for 2022 but still almost 13% below 2019 figures.

Whilst Italy and France have improved air connectivity in comparison with 2022, they are still some way off of 2019 figures – in fact they’ve only recovered to 75% roughly of what they were doing in 2019.

Surprisingly Greece has seen a roughly 10% drop in air capacity when compared to 2022, when it in fact surpassed 2019 levels.

Carlos Cendra, Director of Sales & Marketing at Mabrian comments: “Whilst no one would expect us to turn the clock back to 2019 and absolutely everything to be the same, in some markets around the world we are seeing a return to broadly similar trends. But in the case of Germany this is not happening at all: the recovery is uneven and slower.

“This is perhaps influenced by economic and social conditions, the air travel chaos of summer 2022, and other factors. Not only is there less travel, destinations are recovering at different speeds and some are overtaking others in the ranking tables.”