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Tunisia: a destination on the rise that still lacks stability in terms of security perception

Mabrian’s indexes show tourist perception regarding Tunisia during the second half of 2017 in relation to various key aspects, including security (Perceived Security index (PSi)).

The positive evolution of the security index provides a potential explanation of the increase in the destination’s tourist offer from the big tour operators, thus making it a clear competitor to the traditional Mediterranean destinations.

Mabrian’s Perceived Security index (PSi) for Tunisia indicated, between July and December 2017, a very positive rating (92.36 points, on a scale of 100), nonetheless showing fluctuations with a difference of up to 10 points during this period.

Among these fluctuations, what stands out is the drastic fall of the PSi index (down to 60 points) observed at the end of the year. This corresponds with the timeframe of the arrest of nine people accused of belonging to a terrorist group, in a province bordering Algeria.

On the other hand, it is also worth noting the positive rating that Tunisia obtains regarding other satisfaction indicators calculated by Mabrian. For example: the Global Satisfaction index (GTPi) with 85.53 points out of 100, or the Tourist Product index (TPi) with 71.61 points out of 100.

These indicators reflect Tunisia’s competitive advantage in a very demanding market. Nevertheless, there is still an existing difference in terms of the perception indexes among other competitor destinations.

In Mallorca’s case, for example, that has traditionally been a refuge destination when other destinations were going through unstable times, all the above-mentioned reference indexes show higher results than the African destination. In addition, the indexes show higher stability, especially with regards to security (PSi), which is clearly shown in the temporal evolution graph. The indexes collected in Mallorca during the same period are: 88.22 (GTPi), 78.47 (TPi), 95.87 (PSi).

The PSi is calculated with advanced NLP techniques (Natural Language Processing) that allow Mabrian to obtain, through algorithms which are specialised and equipped with Artificial Intelligence, the sentiment of the collected tourist mentions made by the destination’s users. The PSi is configured differently: all destinations start with a value of 100 that decreases depending on the negative tourist mentions referring to security perception with the destination.