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Summer tourist trends 2021

Domestic, longer stays and higher expenditure

Mabrian Technologies, presented – at a joint press conference held with Oliver Wyman under the theme of ‘Mega Trends in Travel’ – a real-time study about the behaviour of travellers during 2021 summer. 

The study was presented at the A World for Travel, Evora Forum, taking place this week in Portugal and focusing on the future of travel and sustainability. 

Mabrian’s analysis of the spontaneous behaviour of travellers during July and August shows that people are travelling in different ways from before, are travelling more domestically and that they want to stay longer in the destination they are visiting.  

Asked to look at real-time data for more sustainable travel trends, we found that over the last two months these trends have continued, with travellers spending more, distributing that expenditure more widely and staying longer, which may also be considered something of a more sustainable-friendly pattern.

Amongst many other findings, the research confirmed the following trends:

  • Globally domestic flights are up by 14 percentage points for 2021 vs 2019, reaching 74%.
  • Length of stay whilst in destination is increasing, with this August seeing a 10% increase over 2019. I.e. whilst there are less trips, they are nonetheless for longer.
  • Holiday rentals and independent accommodation are proving more popular than ever – and this is impacting how people spend money in the destination too, purchasing more food from grocery stores to cook at home, etc.
    • New tourism interest patterns and increased hotel prices could explain this to some extent – read the Mabrian analysis of hotel prices for summer 2021:
  • The ‘staycation’ trend for UK domestic tourism might continue when international travel recovers since Brits are showing greater satisfaction scores for their domestic vacation experiences currently. Traditional sun-and-sea destinations need to respond to this.
  • Shorter journeys and longer stays, as well as more diversified interests and spend in destination, can support the creation of a more sustainable tourism industry.

This analysis was built upon data collected by Mabrian through itsworldwide network of data partners, including insights on air demand and capacity, accommodation pricing, in-destination spend and perception + interest indices of destinations (based on social media listening techniques).

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