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Tourism intelligence and personalization as a strategy for success

Mabrian publishes the four steps to follow to personalize communications and shares the use case for Georgia that was based on Mabrian’s tourism intelligence services tools and big data analysis to create a personalized communication plan for the German market 

Personalization is a trend that has grown considerably over time and has become a key strategy for the success of brands in all sectors. But creating a unique and individualized communication with potential customers based on their tastes, needs, interests and behavioral patterns is a growing challenge. 

Big data tools can help us in this task and offer the necessary information needed to better understand our target audience and to be able to personalize communication. The cross-analysis of multiple sources of information allows us to identify the hottest sources of demand in a specific market of origin, to know the most appropriate moment for both strategic and operational communications, as well as to understand what are the key messages that we have to include to capture the attention of our target audience. 

Our client, the Georgian National Tourism Administration, has used Mabrian‘s tourism intelligence platform to learn the profile of visitors from Germany to personalize communications with this market. The analysis revealed very relevant information that was taken into account for the 2022 communication campaign they ran.  

Where is the demand located? 

Through the cross-analysis of air search data, which allows for the identification of the strength of demand and its evolution for a specific market, and data on air capacity that measures ease of access, we were able to identify the hottest pockets of demand in Germany. Munich, Frankfurt, and Düsseldorf are key cities where most of the demand is concentrated, in addition to the fact that the airports of these cities have good connectivity with the destination. 

We also saw that 34% of travelers travel alone, the second segment by importance were travelers who traveled making up  26%, followed closely by visitors who travel as a couple at 23%. Meanwhile the period with the highest demand were the months of July to September. This is the period with the highest number of searches and with the highest number of direct flights connecting Germany with Georgia. Visitors usually stay in Georgia for around 12 days, a trip that allows you to get to know and enjoy various parts of the country. 

When is the best time to start communication? 

Regarding strategic communication, we recommend starting work 62 days before the desired travel date), since it is the average number of days in advance that travelers from Germany carry out searches. Regarding tactical communication,the optimal time for marketing campaigns, the best time would be 21 days in advance. This is the window of opportunity, the period in which future travelers are still wondering which destination to choose for their next vacation, and it corresponds to the difference between the average number of searches and flight reservations. Regarding the days, we recommended increasing the campaigns on Wednesdays. Curiously, it is the day where Germans tend to search for flights with an average of 25% of traffic, whilst the rest of the days of the week and on weekends the distribution of searches is balanced. 

What is the typical profile of travelers from Germany who visit Georgia? 

From the data from social networks and review platforms, we were able to identify the profile of the visitors. Most of the travelers belonged to the age groups of 35-44 and 45-54 years old. In addition, we sawmore male than female audiences with 65% vs. 35% respectively. The main interests of German travelers in the destination are wine-and-food experiences, as well as activities that allow them to better understand the cultural heritage and enjoy adventure tourism. Whilst the accommodation preferences were to stay in 4 and 5 star hotels. 

With real-time data, we identify the hottest sources of demand, the best moment to start communication with a specific market, and help us choose the most appropriate communication style according to the profile of visitors and the messages according to their needs, interests and preferences. Mabrian‘s tool offer up-to-date information that allows you to create the most personalized communication plans and marketing campaigns for each specific market and/or niche. 

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