Top five LGTBQ+ friendly European destinations based on traveller satisfaction

  • The top five European LGTBQ+ friendly destinations that have shown exceptional service quality and inclusivity are, in descending order, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, and Paris.
  • Mabrian, with over a decade of experience in extracting valuable insights from travel data, analysed 55 million reviews from major travel portals and used AI-based Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques.
  • The LGTBQ+ segment is sought after by destinations due to above-average consumption patterns and less dependence on seasons, allowing destinations to promote year-round tourism.

We have conducted an extensive analysis of more than 55 million hotel reviews throughout Europe to unveil the top five LGTBQ+ friendly destinations based on high traveller satisfaction.

The analysis revealed that, in descending order, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, and Paris are the top five LGTBQ+ friendly destinations. These cities have demonstrated exceptional service quality and acceptance, making them highly desirable destinations for LGBTQ+ travellers.

By leveraging spontaneous reviews from major travel opinion portals, Mabrian has identified opinions coming from or of relevance to the LGTBQ+ traveller segment and analysed their sentiment using Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques based on Artificial Intelligence – gleaning valuable insights from the data based on Mabrian’s decade of experience in this discipline.

Due to their above-average consumption patterns, the LGTBQ+ segment is in high demand by many tourist destinations. Furthermore, LGTBQ+ travellers are less reliant on seasonal patterns and exhibit greater flexibility in their movement, enabling destinations to promote tourism throughout the year.

The LGTBQ+ segment is both significant in size and profitable, making it an area of special interest for the hotel sector. In order to attract this segment, hotels strive to provide exceptionally high standards of quality and personalised attention. It is noteworthy that Spain has managed to gain two entries in the top five European destinations, given the fierce competition within the segment.”

Carlos Cendra, Marketing Director at Mabrian

Mabrian’s analysis provides destinations and businesses within the travel industry with valuable insights to enhance their offerings and ensure memorable experiences for LGTBQ+ travellers. By understanding and embracing the preferences of this segment, destinations can foster inclusive environments and attract a diverse range of travellers throughout the year.