Top 10 most romantic destinations according to mentions in social networks

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Mabrian has analyzed which are the most romantic destinations in the world according to users of social networks 

For this Valentine’s Day, we have carried out a study on which are the destinations in the world that arouse the most romantic feelings among users of social networks. This is an analysis of mentions in networks of all the destinations that the tourism intelligence company regularly monitors, focusing on  content that has been published during 2022 that includes specific romantic words. 

Based on the analysis the top 10 of these places are found in just six countries. The result of five of these cities being in Italy stands out with two of them in both first and second place, followed by countries such as Greece, the Maldives, the Czech Republic, France and Turkey. Regarding the most romantic places, Mabrian has detected that users associate the following destinations with romantic experiences and make them an ideal destination for a couple’s getaway: Venice, Rome, Santorini, Maldives, Palermo, Turin, Prague , Paris, Istanbul and Florence

These results come from an analysis of mentions shared on social networks. In more extensive studies, Mabrian can complement social media analysis with mentions on review platforms and with the other indicators such as information on spending patterns, satisfaction rates and the perception of security, among others. These real-time data are used to analyze and anticipate tourism trends that can help make better decisions based on real information, as well as to define marketing messages with the greatest impact for each of the markets. These sources of information make Mabrian a valuable tourist intelligence tool on the interests and preferences of visitors regarding a specific destination and how this destination behaves in relation to its competition.