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The 10 most read articles on our blog about big data in tourism

At Mabrian, as a leading tourism intelligence company, we believe in data-driven decisions. For this reason, our technology and methodology allow us to identify all the information a destination needs to improve its competitiveness, its attractiveness, and its sustainability in order to align those with marketing strategies  that are successful. 

Through our blog we periodically publish articles about tourism that deal with current issues. The data and conclusions that we share in these publications come from our tourism intelligence work, where we analyze a large amount of data and cross-reference it to obtain real-time information easily and quickly. 

The publications that have aroused the most interest during 2022 among our readers and collaborators have been the following: 


We looked at schedule data for European airlines during the first weeks of summer, a period of large cancellations right at the start of the summer season.


Best value-for-money European tourist destinations

We studied which were the best European cities based on their value for money that they offered during the month of June this year. We did it with data on air connectivity, hotel prices and the level of tourist satisfaction, among other parameters.


mabrian tourism analytics

What is tourism intelligence? In this post we publish our definition of ‘Travel Intelligence’ and how, through the data we analyze at Mabrian, we contribute to reducing uncertainty in a changing world.


omicron tourism recovery

At the beginning of this year, when the Covid variant Omicron wasdominant, we analyzed the relationship between the vaccination rates of countries and the evolution of the air capacity forecast for the summer.



The start of the war between Russia and Ukraine affected, and continues to affect, tourism. In February we analyzed which are the 20 countries that depend the most on Russian tourism and which would see their tourism economy affected if the crisis lasted. 


The cancellation data continued to worry us during the year, and this post that analyzes the German market was one of the most viewed during the summer.


travel phases

The four phases of a journey and how data helps identify strategic opportunities and improve the visitor experience. What data can be extracted to maximize and improve the presence of tourism companies and destinations in each of the phases? 


How did American tourists behave in Spain this summer? This study used various sources in a cross-section of more than 38,000 tourists who visited our country from June to August 2022, with interesting conclusions about their behavior and tastes.



This year has been very hot and this climatic factor has worried the tourist industry. Can heat waves affect tourism? How can destinations prepare for it if the trend remains over time? 


Sustainability tourism mabrian

We believe that information and data are essential to build a sustainable tourism model. At Mabrian we have a tourism sustainability index and dashboard that measures the different sustainability parameters in a destination so that it improves and more responsible decisions are made for communities, the economy and the environment. 

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The carbon footprint generated by aviation in Europe grew by 16% during 2023

We have shared the results of a new study on the impact of aviation on the carbon footprint and tourism

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52% of hotels in Portugal have a sustainability certification

During the tourism show Bolsa Turismo Lisboa (BTL) held in Portugal this week, we have conducted an analysis of the

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Top 10 internationally best-connected markets in 2024 

We have released data on the top 10 countries with the best international air connectivity during the first half of

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4 months ago

Mabrian’s top 10 most relevant travel trend studies in 2023

We conclude an intense year in which the tourism sector has solidified its global recovery, reaching over 90% of pre-pandemic

5 months ago

New Travel Motivations in Europe: Trending Destinations in 2024

We have presented the latest update of our travel motivation analysis, focusing specifically on the evolution of trends in motivations