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Thomas Cook: close to 1 million airline seats to Spain at risk

The Canary and Balearic Islands would be the most affected destinations with a current capacity of over 850 thousand seats between May and December 2019.

Recent news regarding the serious problems facing the British tour operator (see related news) are raising alarm bells in the tourism sector, which sees the hypothetic downfall of the operator as an absolute catastrophe for this year’s tourist season.

Despite official statements by the tour operator reassuring its customers and refuting claims related to the gravity of the situation, both analysts and the market itself are showing clear signs of instability and insecurity. In view of this situation, Mabrian Technologies has sought to measure the impact that such a sudden downfall could have for tourist destinations in Spain. Despite a 10% decrease between May and December 2019 compared to 2018 in scheduled seats for Spain, the weight that the tour operator continues to have, with over 960 thousand seats scheduled this year, is vital for the sector.