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The interest of the Spanish to visit Colombia increases

A study regarding Spaniards’ intention of travel indicates that the interest in visiting Colombia has increased significantly in the last year.

The study carried out by Mabrian Technologies by means of the analysis of interactions on social networks, detected a significant increase in Spaniards’ interest in visiting Colombia. After monitoring mentions between June and October 2016 and the same period in 2017, an increase of 88% was detected for the mentions that expressed interest in visiting the coffee country.

The semantic analysis of the text in these mentions through Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence techniques, allow Mabrian’s algorithms to identify and measure interests and perceptions, and also to predict dynamics months in advance.

In view of this forecast, the only thing left to do was to check the evolution of the volume of visitors to Colombia.

According to the data published by MINCIT (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Colombia) at the end of the first quarter of 2018, the arrival of foreign visitors has increased 50.17%. The Spanish market is the fifth origin market with more growth in arrivals, with an increase of 19.8%, behind Venezuela (+206%-although this does not imply tourists as such, but a migratory topic), Argentina (+29.6%), the US (+27.5%) and Panama (+20.5%).

Spain is thus positioned as the first intercontinental origin market with 30,077 visitors during those three months. A noteworthy figure, but that entails approximately 2.8% of the total of visitors, showing that there is space for growth potential for this market.

Another indicator that Mabrian’s platform uses to measure the increase of visitors in a destination, is the total number of hotel reviews registered in the hotels of Colombia through the two main hotel review platforms, TripAdvisor and Booking. By monitoring 843 accommodations throughout the country, an increase of 29% in the number of comments collected has been noted, giving a total of more than 54 thousand for the first quarter of 2018. In the case of the Spanish market, the number of reviews has increased by 11% during this period.

The profile of the Spanish tourist that visited Colombia during 2017 is characterised by being a relatively young traveler (60% under 44 years old), an age average slightly higher than the other markets, mainly originating from the regions of Madrid (27%), Cataluña (18%) and Andalucía (18%).

Among these visitors, it’s interesting to highlight the interest for the destination’s cultural product, followed by nightlife, family activities and gastronomy. However, it should be noted that the Satisfaction index with the Tourist Products (TPi) in general, still shows an opportunity for improvement, standing at 63.46 points out of 100.

Spaniards’ Global satisfaction index (GTPi) with the destination for 2017 is very good, with a rating of 69.27 out of 100, although it’s still below the satisfaction shown by Brazilians (76.65 points), Argentines (75.3 points) and Americans (74.52 points), which are the two main markets that show the highest global satisfaction with the destination.

Knowing the demand evolution of a destination months beforehand, as well as identifying the concrete profile of potential visitors, offers destination managers the possibility to anticipate the needs, as well as to segment the markets more precisely, giving adapted solutions that boost tourist satisfaction and profitability for the destination and the local economies.