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Socialvane is now MABRIAN!

We are making a big announcement today and we are happy to share with you that we are rebranding ourselves to MABRIAN!


Since the time we started our journey more than two years ago, many things have changed. We have evolved a great deal since we started with a very small team of three people and because of that evolution; today, we are introducing MABRIAN. Let us walk you through our journey and you’ll get to see why:

As many of you already know, we started this adventure with a very clear idea in mind: that social networks are one of the most important sources of market intelligence that ever existed. At that time, we felt that businesses were focusing too much on reputation, but were missing the big picture, the real market trends. This is what we intended to fix and for that, we built our first prototype and started to test the market.

We started to talk to many companies from many industries and verticals but most of them were not open to this game, they didn’t seem to understand our value proposition. Except for one: the travel industry. We soon won three important customers and that is when we realized that the travel industry was providing us with an incredible opportunity. Think about this:

  1. The travel industry is the first industry where, from a consumer point of view, 100% of its value chain is recorded in a digital format
  1. People are especially prone to share their travel experiences on social networks. (You probably can easily remember something you shared yourself about your vacations or reading a post from your friend that made you feel a little jealous about their holidays)

Simply put, this means that the volume of social data surrounding a destination is so huge that it is possible to track real travel dynamics. It also means that the travel industry is on the verge of being disrupted by Big Data and AI technologies; technologies that we are comfortable dealing with.

At that point we realized that our end goal, our mission, is to be able to track the whole travel cycle and be able to build predictive models of touristic dynamics to become the leading source of travel analytics in the industry. We know this is a bold goal but we are committed to it and because of that, we are changing our name:

Social Networks are no longer our unique source of data. We are now working with many other sources of data, especially transactional data (hotels and flight prices, airport capacity, currency exchange rates, etc.). We are even saving temperature records from all over the world (!!) because we know this will be key to build our predictive models in the near future.

But this is not it: we are currently working on a new product release; a new product that will push the boundaries of travel analytics; a new product that will be the first one to cover the whole travel cycle.

Owing to this evolution, our goals and what is to come next, we are officially becoming MABRIAN. This new brand is a reflection of both, our expectations about the future of the industry and also, our origins, which we are proud of.

We were born on a small island called Menorca, in the Mediterranean. We usually think of data, as the sea that surrounds us. The three different shades of blue in our logo are a reflection of that. The lightest shade represents Menorca’s turquoise waters; the darker one reminds us of how deep we need to dive into data to get truly powerful insights; the last one reflects trust and accuracy. Finally, the hexagon is a depiction of the Full Travel Cycle and its predictive power.

As you already know, we were born on a small island, which means that we can only go further.

We welcome you to our journey, this is just the beginning. We have more exciting news coming soon. Stay tuned!!

Santi Camps,