Ecuador’s tourism recovery after the April earthquake

To keep the flow of interesting and relevant travel intelligence reports from Socialvane, this week we took a look at Ecuador, to see how touristic activity is picking up following the earthquake that hit the South American nation a few months ago. We see a positive rise in travelers’ perception which is indicated by the Perceived Security Index in this report.Read More »Ecuador’s tourism recovery after the April earthquake

Demand analysis for the British outbound market

Keeping up with our promise to provide you relevant and interesting travel intelligence reports, this week we decided to look at the trend picking up from the UK region to see which destinations are most spoken about in social media. We analysed 2.3 million social data points originating from this geographical region and using Socialvane‘s own algorithm, we present to you the TOP 15 most spoken about destinations by the UK market during the last three months.Read More »Demand analysis for the British outbound market

Welcome to Socialvane’s blog!

We are very happy to bring you this channel where we will be posting industry relevant information related to the latest Travel Intelligence trends. Our aim is to share with you some of our own research findings (such as this), keep you up to date of Socialvane’s latest technological developments, as well as industry relevant articles regarding big data, artificial intelligence and market research in tourism.Read More »Welcome to Socialvane’s blog!