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Middle East destinations: the challenge of setting themselves apart

Mabrian and Katalysts publish their second tourist barometer on the Middle East region. We analyse 5 countries in our study, covering both traveller perception and satisfaction data, as well as air connectivity to the destinations and future hotel prices, providing a clear snapshot of the region.

This barometer allows us to identify strengths when it comes to attracting international tourism, such as security. It’s also an opportunity to note that the summer season and its high temperatures can affect the traveller’s perception. Therefore, climate emerges as a key factor to manage in order to ensure a steady flow of tourists throughout the year.

We also notice that the countries in the region are still in the process of differentiating themselves in terms of the products they offer. Traveller mentions on social media highlight a fairly similar top 3 in each destination, with the exception of Oman, which appears to cultivate a different image from its neighbours.

Clearly, destinations within the Middle East can build their image on the world stage, and their actions in the coming years will be crucial.

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