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Mauritius, Bali & Phuket: exotic sunbathing destinations with a high level of satisfaction

Mauritius, Bali (Indonesia) and Phuket (Thailand) obtained, between July and August 2017, global tourist satisfaction indexes higher than 86 points out of 100, according to tourist Big Data processed by Mabrian.

Of these three destinations, the best globally valued is Bali, with 87.91 points, followed by Phuket, with 87.56 and Mauritius, which obtains 86.64. The most mentioned product by tourists in all three cases is sunbathing. In Phuket it even exceeds 40% of the total volume of mentions generated on social platforms.

With regards to the tourist product index (TPi), Mauritius is the best valued, with 81.56 points, ahead of Phuket (79.85) and Bali (71.69). The TPi measures the level of satisfaction with the different product categories offered by each destination. The index is obtained by characterising and analysing the distribution of the positive, negative and neutral comments regarding each product.

In contrast, the climate index shows a lower rating in Mauritius (73.62) when compared with Phuket (81.05) and Bali (88.47). This is because Mauritius is located in the Southern Hemisphere, in the subtropical zone, and the analysed period (July and August) is part of their “winter” months.

Mabrian is the pioneer platform on Travel Intelligence, exclusively focused on the tourism sector. It tracks and measures dynamics related to the reception of the different touristic products, to offer relevant and objective data to their clients. The parameters obtained enable a clear vision of each situation, point trends and offer a solid base for decision making.

Mabrian indexes are elaborated by collecting and analysing massive network behavioural data (Big Data) and transactional data of the sector. Currently, Mabrian collaborates with big tourist destinations all over the world and works with international reference partners, such as Amadeus, Mastercard or MMGY, among others.

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