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Madrid hotels are the best valued, according to internet users, among their main European competitors

Mabrian’s hotel satisfaction index places the hotels of the Spanish capital on 57,76 over 100, in front of London (55,28) and Rome (52,97).

The Madrid hotel plant surpassed their competitors’ during October, according to the satisfaction index developed by Mabrian.  The ranking is produced from an advanced system of tourist behavior analysis, that combine Big Data techniques with natural language processing. The weighted average of hotel satisfaction is located in Madrid on the 57,76, while London got 55,28 points. Barcelona and Berlin, on their side, collected 49,42 and 49,20 points.

On the same period of the year before, Madrid got 57,20 points, but Rome and London outstripped it, with 60,49 and 67,12 points respectively. Then Berlin was collecting 50,05 points and Barcelona, 56,82.

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By categories, Madrid also leads the classifications collected during October 2017 in 3, 4 and 5 stars and it is in the luxury segment where it obtains a better valuation of his clients:  77,02 points, in front of London (73,30). In 4 stars, the Madrid hotel plant is the only one that exceeds 60 points (60,42), while Paris, Barcelona, London and Rome, in this order, range between 55,22 and 52,31. Clients of 4-star hotels in Berlin value them in 49,8 points. Regarding the 3-star hotels, only in Rome (52,15) they overcome the barrier of 50.

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Regarding the offered services, all the indices show fairly homogeneous scales, except for the entertainment offer, where Madrid stands out again with 70,97 points and Barcelona marks the minimum among its competitors, with 45,35 points. The Catalan capital also marks minimums in assessment of the establishment’s reception (34,59) and in assessment of the room (16,66). In this last case, Paris hotels are the only ones among their competitors that exceed 50 points (50,04).

Mabrian also collects the average hotel Price in these cities. The capital that marks the cheapest averages is Berlin, with 74€ per night in 3-star hotels, 90€ per night in 4-star establishments and 162€ per night in 5-star hotels. The most expensive average in 5-star hotels in London’s one (362€/night), followed by Paris (344€/night) and Barcelona (294€/night).

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