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Mabrian’s top 10 most relevant travel trend studies in 2023

We conclude an intense year in which the tourism sector has solidified its global recovery, reaching over 90% of pre-pandemic activity. It has been a vibrant year in which we have experienced many contextual changes that have impacted tourism trends: political and social conflicts, energy crises, natural disasters, extreme heatwaves, etc.

At Mabrian, we have closely monitored the evolution of the global context and its effects on tourism trends, publishing a total of 38 studies and articles during these months. Here, we offer you a summary of the 10 most relevant studies of the year:




Hotel price rises for Easter are not just a question of inflation

We have conducted a hotel price analysis of 20 destinations in Europe for this Easter holiday. Prices for Easter are on the rise across all categories and destinations analysed, except for Naples, Tirana, and Budapest – where the prices of five-star hotels have experienced a slight decline of 1%, 3%, and 5%, respectively.

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Long-haul travel, recovering despite major challenges

Domestic air connectivity has recovered over the past year, in some cases surpassing pre-pandemic levels. However, the recovery of connectivity to long-haul destinations has been slower, in part because some countries have maintained Covid restrictions and in part because travellers have been hesitant to regain confidence in travelling to more remote destinations.

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Brazil improves  security perception with tourists in 2023 

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