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Mabrian, Travel Intelligence reference at the TurisTIC Forum in Barcelona

The Travel Intelligence platform developed by Mabrian was one of the protagonists at the TurisTIC Forum, celebrated in Barcelona on 10th April.

Mabrian Technologies’ CEO, Santi Camps, shared the keys of the platform, that collects, filters and analyses millions of data points coming from diverse sources (Big Data) to generate relevant knowledge about the tourist experience and plot predictions over a year in advance. «Mabrian follows the process from the outset during the tourist’s decision making through to the reviews emitted at destination, thus allowing company managers and institutions to know the approval rate of the various products that they offer, based on real data», highlights Camps.

Mabrian’s pioneering experience has succeeded in transforming the management paradigm for tour operators. Travel Intelligence makes it possible to answer basic questions in a concrete way under any circumstance: what happens in the tourist business, where it happens, when and how.

The data Mabrian collects, filters and analyses represents a solid foundation on which to make strategic decisions, as opposed to previously without the application of Big Data, where decisions could only be based on historical data, previous experience or intuitions. «With Mabrian, public and private managers have impartial elements that explain the tourist’s behaviour in their destination. And they can make better decisions», highlights the person in charge of the company.

The TurisTIC Forum brings together tourism professionals around new technological solutions to explore the benefits of information and communication technologies (ICT) applied to the sector. Companies, innovators and technological developers come to the meeting in search of synergies, inspiration and business opportunities.

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