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Mabrian presents its platform at the fourth Thinktur Technology Transfer

Last week, Mabrian took part in the fourth Thinktur Technology Transfer showroom, a forum organized by Thinktur (Tourism Technological Platform), where the most relevant actions of the sector are addressed every year. Carlos Cendra, Mabrian’s Customer Success Officer, explained the three cornerstones from the first tourism intelligence platform:

  1. First, the natural language processing algorithms used to analyze Big Data: “we are able to extract the sentiment, on real time, out of the user’s interactions”.
  2. Secondly, Mabrian offers almost unlimited segmentation capacities, which makes accurate multivariable analysis possible.
  3. Lastly, by using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies, Mabrian is able to correlate transactional and behavior data.

This last feature is Mabrian’s most revolutionary functionality: «our Travel Intelligence platform is able to capture and analyse tourist Big Data to identify, measure and predict global tourist dynamics», notes Cendra.

Sources of data, the key aspect

Sources of data are the key elements to analyze the current trends and to predict the future ones. Mabrian uses two main source groups:

  • The transactional data sources, incorporated through platforms of the main global resource systems (GDS).
  • The behavioral data, collected by Application Programming Interfaces (API) connected with the main microblogging and tourist review platforms.

«Being able to cross all this information provides us a global mapping of the full tourist travel cycle: from the research and purchase decision to the experience at the destiny. It lets us understand the dynamics and, especially, gives us objective clues to predict them», concluded Carlos Cendra.