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Interface Tourism Italy & Mabrian Technologies

Interface Tourism Italy, spokesperson for main market trends thanks to Mabrian Technologies

Milan, 31st March 2020: from March onwards, Interface Tourism Italy, a Milan-based communication and marketing agency specialised in the travel and “lifestyle” tourism sectors whose objective is to identify the newest trends for the Italian market, will join forces with Mabrian Technologies, the reference platform for the analysis of Tourism Big Data. This is a virtuous synergy designed to on the one hand, better understand the market’s dynamics as well as tourist motivations and preferences and, on the other hand, to give a voice to Mabrian and their valuable contributions to the travel sector for Italian media.

The agency, which is part of the Interface Tourism Group, with offices in Milan, France, Spain and the Netherlands will celebrate this year its 20th anniversary in the Travel, Leisure and Lifestyle sector. The new agreement signed with Mabrian gives the agency access to content from the Travel Intelligence platform and visibility regarding the Italian market. Furthermore, and based on the latter, this will enable the agency to enhance their consultative and strategic skills in relation to the different foreign destinations available, both in terms of perceptions as well as travel habits. These are just a few of the advantages offered by Mabrian’s Travel Intelligence platform which is capable of understanding tourism dynamics through the cross-analysis of Big Data from different sources: social media, review forums, hotel and flight prices, flight searches and bookings and even the spend dynamics for visitors at destination.

“Interface Tourism Group has always had a broad and global vision of the main tourist movements and tried to anticipate trends and great revolutions” says Serena Valle, CEO of the agency. “This natural impulse to reach a broader understanding of the travel paradigms on an international level matches perfectly with the possibilities offered by Mabrian, who is already collaborating with the Group’s Spain office”. With regards to the Italian market, Martina D’Aguanno, General Manager at Interface Tourism Italy, underlines that “thanks to the analysis of tourism related Big Data available on the platform, the Italian office will expand its strategic capabilities for clients, partners and prospects who are increasingly interacting with requests based on the evolution of trends for travellers and how to face new challenges. Mabrian offers information regarding sentiment, satisfaction levels, perception and positioning. There is only one element missing to complete the equation and close the gap between strategy and conversion: market knowledge and leveraging the best tourism marketing. And that is a unique prerogative for those in consulting”.

“Italy is a strategic market for Mabrian, as it is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world. We can help the Italian tourism sector to make more precise decisions based on the analysis of data, thus reducing the use of intuition, as we are already doing in over 10 countries. This is particularly relevant in the current circumstances, whereby the tourism sector needs to have access to as much information as possible in order to recover effectively from the profound crisis caused by COVID-19” says Carlos Cendra, Sales and Marketing Director at Mabrian Technologies. “Our partnership with Interface Tourism Italy is a key factor in achieving this objective, thanks to their broad experience in the Italian tourism market. I am certain that this collaboration will bring added value to the tourism sector in Italy”.

Travel Intelligence

INTERFACE TOURISM ITALY: For over 13 years, Interface Tourism Italy has developed strategic consulting for tourism marketing. Their client portfolio includes collaborations with prestigious tourism organisations such as Dubai Tourism, Brand USA, Jerusalem Development Authority and Jamaica Tourism Board as well as a variety of partners who consistently choose the agency as their go-to consulting firm when organising individual events, workshops or fairs. Besides communication initiatives dedicated to international tourism offices, the agency collaborates with private brands in the hotel, aviation, wellness and lifestyle industries through their press office and public relations activities. Furthermore, Interface Tourism Italy has developed a specific experience aimed at the digital travel world and influencer marketing with new plans based on media 2.0.

MABRIAN TECHNOLOGIES: Mabrian is a technology firm founded in 2013 and specialised in structuring, analysing and processing big volumes of data from different sources related to the tourism sector: from online behavioural data of users related to a destination (searches, social media, reviews, and geolocated behaviour) to transactional data from the tourism sector (air connectivity, flight and hotel prices, flight bookings and spend at destination). Awarded best marketing and promotion solution in the Smart Destinations Prizes at FITUR 2018, Mabrian’s travel intelligence platform is the first to understand travellers’ behaviour throughout the full cycle and to predict tourism dynamics in real-time.

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