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Hotel price rises for Easter are not just a question of inflation

  • Average hotel prices for Easter are increasing in all 20 destinations analysed and, in most cases, far above the rate of inflation.
  • Only a few exceptions are detected in Naples, Tirana, and Budapest, where 5-star hotel prices have decreased slightly. 
  • In Barcelona, Brussels, and Rome, hotel prices have increased by an average of 30% to 33%, whereas Zagreb, Warsaw, and Tirana have the lowest prices for all three hotel categories during Easter.

We have conducted a hotel price analysis of 20 destinations in Europe for this Easter holiday. Prices for Easter are on the rise across all categories and destinations analysed, except for Naples, Tirana, and Budapest – where the prices of five-star hotels have experienced a slight decline of 1%, 3%, and 5%, respectively.

The average price increase across all categories is significantly greater than the annual inflation rate – based on February 2023 published prices for a stay between the 10th and the 17th of April  –  for all destinations except Budapest and Tirana, where the annual inflation rate is higher than the average price increase for this period.

In general terms, Barcelona, Brussels, and Rome are the destinations with the highest increase in hotel prices, ranging from 30% to 33% on average. Meanwhile, Ljubljana, Madrid, and Tirana are destinations where the price increase is lower.

Mabrian also notes that Barcelona is the city where prices have increased the most compared to Easter 2022, with a 43% increase in three-star hotels. 

In 4-star hotels, the highest growth is in Brussels, with a 34% increase. And in the most luxurious category of 5-star hotels, Paris stands out, where the average price be 30% higher than last year.  

The company also notes that for the Easter holidays, Zagreb, Warsaw, and Tirana are the destinations that offer the most competitive prices for all three categories of hotels. 

Carlos Cendra, our Director of Marketing & Sales, comments:

“While it is clear that hotel prices are rising sharply, we must look at this rise in the context of inflation and rising supply costs across the board. In addition, we have to take into account the increase in staff operating costs, due to the lack of manpower and the necessary improvement in conditions. All this is combined with a strong demand for travel during this period, which pushes prices up.”

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