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Holiday Rental in Spain: over 60% occupancy in August

The evolution of holiday rental occupancy for August shows a clear positive trend both in rural and beach locations, according to a study carried out by the Travel Intelligence consultancy firm Mabrian Technologies.

This information would confirm the trend that seems to show that, in the midst of the health crisis, demand for holiday rentals exceeds the demand for hotels during the most important month of the summer season in Spain. By type of establishment, it’s important to highlight that demand for rentals in rural locations is almost on par with rentals in beach locations, for a month where demand has traditionally always been for coastal locations.

In order to reach this conclusion, the offer for Holiday Rental during the month of August was analysed on Mabrian’s Travel Intelligence platform. The analysis covered over 80,000 establishments all over the Spanish geography on offer on the TripAdvisor portal. Rural and beach rentals were analysed separately. 

Occupancy Spain analytics

The study also analysed the main differences between holiday rentals on offer in beach and rural locations with regards to: type of establishment, number of bedrooms, number of sleeps.

Holiday Rental Spain Travel Intelligence
Holiday Rental Travel Intelligence

There are some noteworthy differences, such as for example the fact that the number of apartments (or flats) is far superior in the case of beach establishments whereas in rural rentals, houses and villas seem to have the upper hand. This is also reflected in the distribution of sleeps between both types of accommodation: in beach locations, the majority of sleeps on offer are in establishments with 2 bedrooms (37%), whereas in rural locations, the majority of sleeps on offer are in establishments with 5 or more bedrooms (27%).

In terms of prices, although significant differences can be seen according to zones and types of establishments, in general terms the average price per night for August in Spain is around 24.5€. There are no major differences in the average prices between rural and beach locations.

Holiday Rental Spain Prices