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European flight cancellations by country

German market most impacted by percentage of overall flights cancelled

The data compares the number of flights scheduled on June 14 to fly between 1 and 15 July, with flights scheduled as of July 5 and ranks them according to the origin country by the number of flights cancelled — as well as indicating the percentage of flights cancelled Vs the overall flights that destination had scheduled originally.

Once again we see that whilst the absolute number are high, in overall terms as a percentage of all flights scheduled the impact isn’t quite as worrying. For example Spain is at the bottom of the percentage ranking, with a rate is close to only 1%. The biggest impact however is in Germany at 6%, so whilst that means 19 out of 20 flights remain scheduled we shouldn’t forget that the German connectivity has been slower than most in recovering to 2019 so this could slow the recover further. Nonetheless, in general across Europe airlines are finding people alternative flights in many cases, so the number of people having to cancel plans is probably really quite low.