The Falles mark the touristic year in Valencia

Valencia’s Falles are the most mentioned tourist attraction in the capital of the Spanish Levante in 2017, ahead of non-seasonal interest points.

The Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, the Oceanographic Institute or the Albufera Natural Park are the 3 most mentioned tourist attractions in the last 12 months after the Falles.

By nationalities, Spanish people are the ones who show more interest in these main attractions, with the only exception of the Oceanographic, where Italians surpass national users in volume of mentions.

Mabrian’s satisfaction indexes (based on a scale from 0 to 100) referred to Valencia for all 2017 reach 84,47 points on its Global Touristic Satisfaction index (GTPi); 67,79 on the Touristic Product index (TPi) and 91,37 on the Perceived Security index (PSi). The Climatic Perception index (PCi) stands at 86,59.

During the week of Falles (11-19 of March), the Touristic Product Satisfaction index slightly increase and stands at 73,57 points, while the other indicators remain stable among the global of the year.

Mentions on social platforms are disrupted during that week: the Falles collect more than 85% of the tourists’ quotes referred to Valencia. Behind, and at a long distance, stands the Falles district of Ruzafa (2,3%), and the 3 attractions that lead the ranking the rest of the year: The Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias (1,99%), the Oceanographic Institute (1,57%) and the Albufera Natural Park (1,33%).

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