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Ecuador’s tourism recovery after the April earthquake

To keep the flow of interesting and relevant travel intelligence reports from Socialvane, this week we took a look at Ecuador, to see how touristic activity is picking up following the earthquake that hit the South American nation a few months ago. We see a positive rise in travelers’ perception which is indicated by the Perceived Security Index in this report.

To begin with, we analysed 5.3 million social data points to see the recovery of Ecuador following the earthquake in the month of April 2016.

With Socialvane’s algorithm we are able to work with highly relevant tourism-related mentions to get a clear picture of Ecuador as a destination from a travellers’ point of view. With tourism high season picking up from February and lasting till June, this report observes the eventual fall of our Perceived Security Index (PSindex) in the month of April and numbers steadily (positive!) picking up from there.  It is important to note that we observed a very similar pattern when we analysed Paris in this report a few months back.


Socialvane’s touristic indexes are used to rate a destination based on the 4 most important decision criteria for travellers’ in any destination. This are the results for Ecuador in June:


  1. The Global Touristic Perception Index – GTPindex measures the overall satisfaction with a destination – shows the full recovery of Ecuador as a touristic destination in the month of June with 77.95 points, which can improvable but is an excellent score.
  1. The Touristic Product Index – the TPindex measures the satisfaction of travellers with each of the touristic product offerings present in Ecuador like the cultural aspects, beach, nightlife, gastronomy and more. An average score of 65.44 is also a very good score especially compared with other destinations in the region
  1. The PSindex, with 80.90 points, shows a significant and remarkable improvement from the past few months, indicating strong traveler’s confidence with Ecuador.
  1. Perceived Climatic Index, which measures the satisfaction of travellers with the weather showing the highest score with 97.36 points.

All these indicators are showing positive improvements for Ecuador which is good news for travellers and businesses operating in this country. We expect these indicators to recover completely very soon.