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Colombia: cultural destination on the rise for Easter

An increase of the interest for cultural and religious tourist products has been detected in comparison with Easter 2017.

Easter is a period of rest and devotion for Colombians in a country with numerous places of religious worship and deep-rooted traditions. The cultural and religious tourist products are tourist attractions that the Colombian Ministry of Culture, Industry and Tourism also wants to enhance among foreigner visitors, with campaigns such as the “Tourist Faith Route”, promoted this Easter, or the visit of His Holiness Pope Francisco, in September 2017.

 The analysis of tourists’ behavioural data on Social Media in Colombia over Easter (25/03/18 to 01/04/18), shows a clear upward trend of the interest in these tourist products related to cultural tourism, in particular the religious one, compared to Easter 2017 (9-16/04/17).

 Of the 143,320 tourist mentions collected on Social Networks during this period, a 20% increase of the volume of mentions related to Cultural tourism was observed, with over 35% related to Family tourism. Among the 10 main cultural tourist attractions identified in this period, we can observe three with a clear religious base: the Santuario del Señor Caído de Monserrate in Bogotá, the Catedral de Sal in Zipaquirá and the Catedral de Nuestra Señora del Rosario in Manizales. Among the cultural attractions, some attractions stand out such as the Ciudad Amurallada and the Castillo de San Felipe in Cartagena de Indias, as well as the La Candelaria neighbourhood in Bogotá.

Regarding the origin markets of these tourist mentions, the Colombian national market predominates with 41% of the mentions collected, also showing an over 50% increase of the cultural product compared to Easter 2017. At an international level, the USA, Spanish, Venezuelan and Mexican markets lead the mentions ranking.

In addition to identifying and quantifying visitor interests during this period, the tourist Big Data analysis tool that Mabrian Technologies provides to the Colombian Government, allows the measurement of visitor satisfaction levels with the mentioned products. To achieve this, Mabrian’s algorithms perform a semantic analysis of user comments through Natural Language Processing techniques and Artificial Intelligence.

This analysis has helped to detect the areas that need more attention from destination managers, to improve satisfaction levels, that still show improvement opportunities in products such as Cultural, Family, Natural and Active.

Mabrian’s platform allows to know in real time the interests and perceptions of visitors, providing destination and tourist business managers a tool to detect opportunities and threats in an agile way, in order to make better decisions.