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The cold freezes tourists’ satisfaction in New York

The meteorological conditions have been noticeable during the first week of the year in New York city’s touristic perception index.

Grayson storm, announced from the first days of 2018, was noted with harshness first thing in the morning of January 5, when the snow came to collapse the Big Apple, and the state of emergency was decreed in New York.

Touristic Big Data processed by Mabrian collected the reactions of the North American iconic city’s visitors that saw how, during the week of December 31 to January 6, its global touristic satisfaction index (GTPi) dropped 6 points respect to the assessment collected during the same period of the year before, standing at 76,64 points.

The climate perception index (PCi) was the first one to be affected, and in a more pronounced way, by placing itself in 64,04, when in the same week of 2017 it placed in 81,97. A downfall of almost 18 points which indicates that the city’s visitors were far from meeting their expectations regarding the weather, during their stay in the city, affecting directly the visit’s global satisfaction. Also slightly falls the security index perceived (PSi), form 90,72 in 2017 to 88,2 in this first week of 2018.

From the bulk of mentions on different network platforms, highlights the references to the snowfall, which practically quadruped compared to 2017. In fact, the term “snow” was the most mentioned in the analyzed period, in front of the top references in New York – “art” is the visitors most frequent mention throughout all the year.

Something similar happened during the passage of the storm Stella (March 2017), when more than 30 thousand mentions about snow where registered during the days that the storm lasted – it again overcome “art”. The PCi, in this case, went bellow 60 points, but the rest of the indexes did not notice such an accentuate drop like in this beginning of 2018.

Mabrian constitutes the first Travel intelligence plaform focused only in the touristic sector. It collects and measures global dynamics and offers to its clients relevant and objective data, segmented by each moment’s needs. The parameters obtained achieve a clear vision of each situation, note trends and offer a soli base for decision- making.

Mabrian indexes are elaborated through the capture and analysis of massive network behavioral data (Big Data) and transactional data of the sector. Currently, Mabrian collaborates with big touristic destinations all over the world and counts with international reference partners, like Amadeus, Travelport, Mastercard, Phocuswright or MMGY, among others.