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Navigating challenges and optimising Travel Intelligence for destinations

Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) face numerous challenges when working with large amounts of data to make informed and efficient decisions. In this post, we will discuss the top ten challenges that DMOs typically face when dealing with big data projects and how partnering with Travel Intelligence experts can help overcome these obstacles in their commitment to becoming Smart Destinations. This information is based on Mabrian’s experience over the last 8 years with clients in over 40 countries.

Top ten pain points for DMOs

  • Data Sources: Finding reliable and representative data sources can be complex, time-consuming, and expensive.
  • Data Limitations: Understanding the limitations and implicit biases of each dataset is critical, as no source or dataset is perfect.
  • Interpretation: Transforming data into actionable information requires not only data analytics expertise but also a deep understanding of the tourism industry.
  • Expectations: While data can provide valuable insights, it is important to remember that it is not a crystal ball for predicting future trends with absolute accuracy.
  • Human Resources: DMOs often struggle with limited staff and resources, making the addition of data management tasks overwhelming.
  • Own platforms and Dashboards: investing each time in creating our own platform or dashboard to present the information can be time-consuming and costly, leading to inefficiency.
  • Budget: Allocating funds for data projects can be challenging due to competing traditional priorities: shows, brochures, campaigns, etc. It is not a matter of a budget increase, but a mindset shift in terms of priorities.
  • Decision Making: The effectiveness of data-driven insights depends on decision-makers trusting and utilising the information provided.
  • Results: Measuring the direct impact of improved data use on destination performance can be difficult in the short term and may require patience and consistency.
  • Open Data: Sharing knowledge with stakeholders is a critical goal for DMOs, but it can be complicated due to data privacy concerns, supplier restrictions, and other obstacles.

The role of travel intelligence experts

To overcome these challenges, destinations can benefit from partnering with Travel Intelligence experts, such as Mabrian, to facilitate and speed up the process:

  • A focused solution for DMOs and their unique needs.
  • A holistic approach that includes multiple dimensions of information: air data, spend data, travellers’ behaviour data, accommodation data, mobility and sustainability data.
  • Flexibility to adapt to each destination’s specific requirements. Modular approach.
  • Reliability, with a large client base in numerous countries
  • Agility. Rapid implementation, with projects ready in as little as six weeks
  • Cost-effective solutions that help optimise budget allocation

Navigating the challenges of big data projects is not an easy task, but with the assistance of Travel Intelligence experts, DMOs can make more efficient, sustainable decisions for tourism destinations. By embracing a mindset shift and leveraging expert support, DMOs can harness the power of data to improve destination performance and promote collaboration with the private sector.

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