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Brazil scored the best perceived security index among destinations from Latin America

It is the only destination that, during July and August, exceeded 90 points (93,02), ahead of Ecuador (89,97), Uruguay (89,37), Colombia (88,16) and Argentina (87,3)

The security indexes perceived by travellers in the main destinations in Latin America were located (1/7-31/8) between 82 and 93 points (over 100), according to the data that Mabrian processes every day. Brazil leads that PSI, although is the one behind on valuation of tourist product (Mabrian’s TPi).

The combination of all these indexes makes up the Global Tourist Perception Index (GTPi), which, when talking about Latin America, is leaded by Cuba, with 82,06 points over 100, followed by Brazil (82,01) and Ecuador (81,29).

Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru and Colombia are between 77 and 79. As for Uruguay, it has the lowest global tourist perception in the region, with 77,02 points.

mabrian_socialmediaThe monitoring of relative tourist perception indexes is done through a system that processes Big Data related to industry and associated services, that proceed from web platforms and global distribution systems (GDS). All the data is treated with Natural Language Processing (PNL) and is added through a specialised tourism algorithm developed by Mabrian within an I+D Project.

Mabrian’s indexes are a powerful analysis and prospecting tool that monitor and forecast behaviour in specific markets. Thus they can be used to make the most appropriate decisions at every moment.