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Brazil improves  security perception with tourists in 2023 

  • Analysis on the perception of security from national and international tourists 

We have worked with the Brazilian international tourism promotion agency Embratur on a study about the peception of security that tourists have when visiting. The main conclusion is that the perception of safety in Brazil as a destination has improved substantially in recent months, showing very high scores. Foreign tourists feel safer than in previous periods, reaching a ’perception of security’ index rating of 96.7 out of 100

Mabrian’s very own Safety Perception Index (SPI) measures the level of trust shown by visitors and potential visitors in relation to a tourist destination through active listening techniques on social networks based in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technology.  

As part of this study more than 750,000 spontaneous tourist mentions were analyzed on social networks from May to July 2023, looking at both the destination of Brazil and other Latin American destinations such as Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

It is noteworthy that all the destinations analyzed began with a similar level of perception of security at the beginning of May, with Brazil being the destination that has evolved the most positivelyuntil July, marking an upward difference with the rest of the other destinations at the end of July. In this way, Brazil has demonstrated consistent growth in the perception of security, reaching a maximum of 96.7 points (out of 100) in the month of July. Meanwhile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru experienced fluctuations during those months and did not reach the same level of confidence. 

Other conclusions of the study are: 

  • In general, the perception of safety in Brazil by national tourists and international tourists in the months analyzed has an excellent level. 
  • The domestic perception of the security of the destination is four points higher than the international one. 
  • Regarding international perception, visitors from both Europe and Latin America have improved their perception since May, although the evolution of the United States market stands out, with a growth of 11 points in the Security Perception Index. 

Regarding the areas with the best security perception in Brazil, among those analyzed, the city of Recife leads the ranking with an index of 95.05, followed by Porto Alegre with 92.16. On the other hand, renowned cities such as Rio de Janeiro and Salvador de Bahía present lower figures, 80.91 and 81.14 respectively. According to Mabrian analysts, this difference between coastal and urban destinations is common and is due to the lower interaction of sun & beach and resort tourists with large cities, where possible security incidents are more frequent. 

These data point to a crucial aspect for the reactivation of tourism activity in Brazil, after the slowdown caused by the pandemic. The feeling of security is the first factor that tourists take into account when deciding to visit a destination and therefore it is vital to have indicators that allow it to be monitored in a segmented manner. This intelligence is key in campaigns differentiated by markets in which sensitivity to these aspects may be greater. 

About this data: Find more details about the Mabrian Security Perception Index methodology here 

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