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The rise of Bosnia Herzegovina travel: trends and destination opportunities to watch out

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s present and future as travel destination depends on understanding the context of the Southeastern European travel & tourism, along with the global trends, and the different approaches these diverse countries are pursuing to build up their destination management strategies. Our team joined the Resilience and Innovation Summit, held in Sarajevo, to translate into opportunities and challenges what data intelligence shows in regard to Bosnia and Herzegovina and other similar destinations of the region.

The Resilience and Innovation Summit is a major international travel event focused in Southeast Europe, in which global industry leaders from various regions gathered to discuss best practices and to explore business opportunities, with a special focus on Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the event, two crucial aspect of tourism development were addressed, “destination resilience” from a sustainable growth perspective; and “innovation in tourism,” emphasizing digital solutions and entrepreneurship, particularly in the tech sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Southeast Europe.

Our participation in the event aimed at using data intelligence to drive action in all aspects of destination management and promotion. To do so, we dive deep into the structural data and in a six-month forecast analysis to bring awareness about the opportunities that Bosnia Herzegovina can leverage in a regional context of travel and tourism, and about the challenges that it faces in the goal of pushing for destination resilience.

To dive deep in this destination and the context of the Southeast Mediterranean countries, read the full report:
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The rise of Bosnia and Herzegovina travel: Trends and destination opportunities to watch out

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