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About Mabrian

Big Data applied to tourist intelligence

Tourism industry is one of the first to have the 100% of its value chain digitized. The client’s tourist services tour is traceable through Big Data: We tend, increasingly, to share a lot of information about our experience, with geolocated data. Mabrian uses this huge amount of data related to the tourist consumption and purchase decision to generate a tourist intelligence unthinkable until recently.

The proper processing of the Big Data mine becomes a fundamental ally to make the best decisions from both strategic and tactical point of view. And the thorough observation of the trends can give us the key to predict the tourist dynamics.

Social network public data have become the largest tourist intelligence source in History. Together with the information provided by other web services and transactional data related to the tourism industry, they provide a solid foundation upon which we build our Fullcycle Travel Analytics platform.

Mabrian’s founder and CEO, Santi Camps, has attended this year the main tourism intelligence fairs to expose the principals in which the tourist intelligence developed by the company is based. His last participation has been at the Atlantic Fair, in Gran Canaria, this past November. There he has explained how Mabrian transforms tourist Big Data into an «unprecedented tourist intelligence», capable of anticipate future tourist dynamics.


Before the Canary appointment, Mabrian Technologies participated at the Marketing Summit Malaga Costa del Sol organized by Travel Consul (October), at the European Cities Marketing (ECM) International Conference of Dibrovnik (June) and at the Tourist Intelligence Congress of the Next International Business School in Malaga (March), among others.

In his interventions, Camps exposes the theory bases in which Mabrian’s proposal is based, and emphasizes the importance of Big Data in the tourism sector, which is the very first of the industries to have «the 100% of its value chain digitized».

The algorithms developed by Mabrian incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand and analyze perceptions and behaviors in real time. Thanks to them we generate models capable of anticipate future trends. In a globalized and increasingly competitive environment, to take advantage of this tourist intelligence to make strategic decisions marks the difference between success and failure of a tourism business. We know that, even nowadays, the sector still makes decisions based o experience, intuition, or on very simple data that do not consider the environment complexity. Mabrian offers relevant and segmented data: a fundamental strategic support tool.

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